The ACCC will treat the amateur cricketer to the same luxuries experienced by the touring professional. All clubs will have a team liaison, someone to carry their kit bags to and from the ground, someone to get their drinks and run out a pair of gloves on game day. Players will have access to up-to-date statistics and all games will be filmed.

The ACCC is an invitation-only tournament. For the inaugural ACCC in 2021, all clubs in selected associations from the nine test-playing nations will receive an invitation to participate. Due to a cap on the number of teams for 2021, only the clubs that respond before the cap is reached will be able to play.

Due to the short notice for these clubs, club's outside of these associations interested in participating in the inaugural T20ACCC in 2021 are invited to submit an expression of interest by filling out the form on the Registration page. The quicker you act, the greater your clubs chances are of playing. From 2023 and on there won't be an open invitation option so now is a clubs best chance of choosing to participate without first receiving an invitation..


Included in the cost below is, return international airfares*, tournament registration, opening and closing gala tickets, merchandise pack, game day food and drinks, return Colombo airport/hotel transfers, game day transportation, team liaison, game day filming and 12 nights at three-star accommodation.

Clubs will have the option to select from three, four or five-star accommodation. The selected hotels will provide a range of inclusions and extras. Players can choose either single or shared accommodation. All players from each club must stay at the same hotel. The variations in participant costs from each country will depend upon the agreed level of accommodation for their club and individual room preference.
*domestic flights and transfers not included.

*costs may change depending on the price of flights and accommodation at the time of purchase

AUSTRALIA From $1700 US per person
BANGLADESH From $1220 US per person
ENGLAND From $1700 US per person
INDIA From $800 US per person
NEW ZEALAND From $1700 US per person
PAKISTAN From $1130 US per person
SOUTH AFRICA From $1450 US per person
SRI LANKA From $ 60 US per person
WEST INDIES From $1700 US per person

Payments are to be made in three stages:

  • Payment One is a deposit due thirty (30) days from a club accepting the invitation
  • Payment Two is due by 30 November 2020
  • Payment Three is due by 01 February 2021

The total due for Payment Two and Payment Three will be calculated once the accommodation preference is confirmed. 


T20 Accc Format

The tournament will be played over two weeks. Two tiers (Premier and Metro) will compete in 2021. Four tiers will compete from 2023. Each tier will be made up of eight groups with four or more teams in each group.

The first week of the tournament is a round-robin (a game every second day). The second week of the tournament will be elimination finals.

T20 Accc Format

T20 ACCC Selection Process

From 2023 and on, the Premier and Metro tiers, the associations that qualify for these tiers will receive one invitation for a randomly chosen club within that competition to participate in the ACCC. That club has 14 working days to accept the invite and 30 days to pay a deposit or the invitation will be forfeited and offered to another club. Once a club has been sent an invite, it will not receive another until all clubs in that association have been invited. For example, if the association has 15 clubs in it (and the tournament is played every two years), each club will receive an invitation once every 30 years.

From 2023, the Open tier is a lottery for all clubs (outside of the Premier and Metro tiers) in the metropolitan area of each first class team. The Country tier is a lottery for all clubs outside the metropolitan area of each first class team. Each lottery is for one invitation only. This limitation is to include as many teams form as many counteries as possbile since from 2025, clubs from the ICC full members and the associate members will be invited.

T20 ACCC Tiers

Premier division: clubs a level below domestic first class in the test playing nations

Metro division: clubs two levels below domestic first class teams

Open division: other clubs within the metropolitan area of the domestic first class team

Country division: clubs outside the metropolitan area of the domestic first class team

T20 ACCC Countries


The division of invitations for 2023:

  • Australia — 12 clubs
  • England — 18 clubs
  • India — 18 clubs
  • New Zealand — 12 clubs
  • Pakistan — 12 clubs
  • South Africa — 12 clubs
  • Sri Lanka — 12 clubs
  • West Indies — 12 clubs
  • Bangladesh — 2 clubs


The division of invitations from 2025:

  • Australia — 28 clubs
  • England — 32 clubs
  • India — 36 clubs
  • New Zealand — 24 clubs
  • Pakistan — 24 clubs
  • South Africa — 24 clubs
  • Sri Lanka — 24 clubs
  • West Indies — 24 clubs
  • Bangladesh — 6 clubs
  • Zimbabwe — 4 clubs
  • ICC Associates — 2 clubs (38 associates)

T20 ACCC Rules

  • Standard international T20 rules will apply
  • Sledging: a player charged with racial vilification will be banned from the ACCC. Dependent on the severity of the slur, their team could also be suspended or permanently banned from the ACCC
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct: dependent on the level of the offence a player may be suspended or banned
  • Ring-ins: if it is discovered that any side is using a ring-in player (a player that has not been registed with the club for two seasons or more) that club will be banned permanently from the ACCC. This is not in the spirit of the ACCC tournament.